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IMDb Fetcher API Subscriptions

From March 8, 2015 on the IMDb Fetcher API service will be available via subscription plans. This is done in order to improve the service, move it to a more reliable hosting provider (when I developed this project I didn’t realize that it will become so popular and now my servers are literally choking) and implement new REST methods. Applications utilizing the free version of the API will still work, but will randomly get status code 6:

{ "status": "fail", "code": 6, "data": "The apikey parameter is not provided or value is invalid. To use this service you need to purchase an API key from http:\/\/imdb.wemakesites.net\/purchase.html. The free version returns random errors on queries. Refresh the query and try again."

After choosing a subscription plan that suits for your needs and getting your API key, you have to change the query strings to the API methods by adding a new parameter – apikey:


* AcidJs IMDb Fetcher is an easy to use REST API for getting movie, series and names (actors, writers, directors, etc.) data from IMDb and returning it in the form of serialized JSON objects that can be used on web apps or sites. Go straight to the documentation to see what’s available so far. If you are not a developer, and you want to display movie data from IMDb on your website, make sure you check the widgets section. In case you don’t want to use the API, movie and actors data dumps are also available.

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