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  • Ribbon JS 4.1.0 is Out

    I’ve just released a new minor version for Ribbon JS introducing a couple of new features, properties and methods. The new version is fully backwards compatible with the previous versions of the control (4.0.0 and above), so it is safe to upgrade. The HTML5 Web Component for Ribbon JS has also been updated to support the latest additions.


    Release Notes

    • New highlightTabsGroup method, allowing contextual tab grouping. The method supports custom colors and labels.
    • New unhighlightTabsGroup method, which removes a tab group, set via the highlightTabsGroup method.
    • New enableFlatStyles method, allowing to set flat (Metro) look and feel to the ribbon.
    • New disableFlatStyles method, setting back the classic (pre Office 2013) styles to the ribbon.
    • New appIconUrl property, set in the constructor of a ribbon, allowing custom top left application icon. The property is optional, and the default icon is the HTML5 badge.
    • New flat property (optional, Boolean), set in the constructor of a ribbon. If set to true applies flat (Metro) look and feel to the ribbon. Its default value is false.



    Ribbon JS is arguably the best recreation of the MS Officetm ribbon bar, using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. It is a lightweight control, which is ready to use on websites, web-based WYSIWYG editors, sophisticated back-end systems, mail applications, complex file managers, and JavaScript-heavy apps. It has everything you would expect from a ribbon bar – comprehensive and fully documented API, amazing command handling, huge set of inbuilt tools, capability to add custom tools via client-side templates, cool looks and is also available optionally wrapped as a full-blown HTML5 WebComponent. Last but not least, it only takes a few minutes to deploy, configure, and run.