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  • Ribbon JS 4.3.0 is out with Support for AngularJS Directives

    I am happy to announce that the new version of Ribbon JS comes with a long awaited implemented feature request – support for AngularJS directives.

    Release Notes:

    • Added support for AngularJS directives applied to the bounding box, tabs and tab ribbons in the configuration object. Check the documentation here.

    * Version 4.3.0 is fully compatible with versions 4.0.0 and above.

    About Ribbon JS:

    Ribbon JS is arguably the best recreation of the MS Officetm ribbon bar, using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. It is a lightweight control, which is ready to use on websites, web-based WYSIWYG editors, sophisticated back-end systems, mail applications, complex file managers, and JavaScript-heavy apps. It has everything you would expect from a ribbon bar – comprehensive and fully documented API, amazing command handling, huge set of inbuilt tools, capability to add custom tools via client-side templates, cool looks, support for AngularJS directives and is also available optionally wrapped as a full-blown HTML5 WebComponent. Last but not least, it only takes a few minutes to deploy, configure, and run.